Hi! My name is Juha ”Jusku” Mikkonen. I was born in Helsinki during last milleniun and I have lived in Lapland this millenium. Next millenium? Who knows.

That dog is a West-Siberian Laika called Mosse. He thinks that a canoe can’t be capsized. Or he doesn’t care.

I love to attend courses

  • Svelav Pro2 avalanche technician
  • NVE Observatørkurs 4A
  • Ski instructor (crosscountry, alpine, telemark, let’s go!)
  • Avalanche courses in Finland and Norway (Mountain safety, AST2, Skredkurs/
  • Rope Work Supervisor (maybe some iceclimbing at Korouoma?)
  • Adventure Park Supervisor
  • Paddling instructor (how about some canoeing under the midnight sun?)
  • Certificate for Operators of Charter Boats
  • International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft
  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid
  • First Aid 2 (let’s be careful out there.)
  • Rafting Guide
  • (snow mobile guide 2003-2007 full day)